Employee Spotlight



Summerfield Health Care
1st Place Gold Medal

Linton Nursing and Rehab
2nd Place

Meridian Nursing and Rehab
3rd Place



Summerfield Health Care
1st Place Gold Medal
Linton Nursing and Rehab
2nd Place Gold Medal
Grinnell Health Care
3rd Place Gold Medal



Summerfield Health Care Center, a 43-bed facility in Cloverdale, is one of only a few specialty communities who serve residents with Huntington's Disease, and is the only freestanding facility working exclusively with Residents with HD in the United States. The team at Summerfield work together to create holistic, personalized care plans that carry the residents throughout the disease process. Because Huntington’s Disease is a genetic disease with often devastating consequences for families, the staff at Summerfield serve as surrogate and supporter for many of the residents that live out their lives and complete their journey with them. Summerfield is proud to carry the Chosen Healthcare name as it extends its mission of service beyond Indiana to surrounding states and its reputation across the country.



Meridian Nursing and Rehab has been named one of the Chosen Healthcare Gold Medal recipients for 1st Quarter 2018. It is a 42-bed facility located in south central Indianapolis just 10 minutes from the Circle downtown. Meridian, along with its Indianapolis sister facilities, share the mission of serving men and women who live in metropolitan Indianapolis. Meridian is known for its longevity of staff and family atmosphere which makes it a popular choice for those who choose to make it their home. It also has an aggressive discharge program utilizing a strong Sky Rehab team and the resources of the inner-city for those who stay short term and return to the community. By being named a Gold Medal recipient, Meridian has demonstrated its commitment to Chosen's vision to be a leader in clinical and rehabilitative services in a warm and homelike environment.


Green-Hill Manor has been named the first-place winner of the Chosen Healthcare Gold Medal program for 1st quarter 2018. Green-Hill Manor, who is one of the newest additions to the Chosen Healthcare family, is located in Fowler, Indiana and has proudly served the community for over 45 years. Led by Administrator Stephanie Anderson, Green-Hill has an extremely strong team who are devoted caregivers and proud to represent Chosen Healthcare’s commitment to provide the best clinical and supportive services.



3rd Quarter - Brad Sammon


2nd Quarter - Linda Turner

Linda Turner joined Chosen Healthcare as Administrator at Meridian Nursing and Rehab in June 2017. She has blended a team of veteran as well as new department leaders, focused on the facility mission of service to men and women in south central Indianapolis. During Linda's years of experience, she has seen resident care and service practices change, often for the better, in an environment where government spending on long term care has become increasingly limited. Despite this, Linda remains positive about her profession and energized by the challenges it provides. Congratulations to Linda, Chosen Healthcare's Administrator of the month.



August 2018 Lisa Daugherty is Chosen Healthcare's August employee of the month.  Lisa has been an RN since 2013 and has been with our Bloomington facility since 2014 as the Director of Nursing.  She never hesitates to jump in and do what's needed to get the job done and always makes sure the residents receive the excellent care they deserve.  She always provides great direct care services to our residents and is always willing to assist her staff with whatever they need.  Congratulations, Lisa!


July 2018 Dara has been employed as a CNA at Essex Nursing and Rehab since April of 2010. Dara is extremely dedicated to the Residents and Staff at Essex. In addition to being a CNA she also manages Central Supplies for the facility. Dara trains all the new CNA’s and does monthly in-services with staff to keep them sharp on the job. Dara works doubles when needed and is always willing to fill in where needed. Dara is a true asset to Essex Nursing and Rehab.


May 2018 Nellie Alexander has been employed at Wintersong Village since 8/2/17. Nellie is well respected by her staff and demonstrates outstanding leadership and a strong work ethic. Her dedication to the Residents and staff go above and beyond expectations. Chosen Healthcare is proud to have leaders like Nellie. Thank you Nellie for all your hard work and dedication


Chosen Healthcare Corporate Employee of the Month

October 2018 Congratulations to Jan Buerges, Assistant Director of AR for being our Chosen October Employee of the month. Jan has worked for Chosen for a little over 4 years but came to us with over 20 years of nursing home/ billing experience. She has worked all departments of the Business Office in her career and is a fabulous asset to our team. Jan is one of the friendliest people and is an all over joy to be around. She is ready to pitch in at a moment’s notice when needed and never complains. She consistently finds ways to help her co-workers and train while still keeping up with her duties, she is quick to respond to requests from buildings and a make sure a resolution is in place before moving on. Thank you Jan for your hard work and dedication to Chosen Healthcare!


August 2018 Emily Myers Chosen Corporate Employee of the Month for August.


August 2018 Chosen’s Corporate Employee of the month has been awarded to Stephanie Kindle.  Stephanie has been with the Chosen family since September of 2014. She has worked in a variety of roles with Chosen Healthcare, and currently serves as a trainer for several PCC modules, assists facilities with survey readiness, assists with managing facility compliance, and as an assistant to the Clinical Director.  Stephanie has over 15 years of experience, dedicated solely to long term care.

Stephanie has proven to be an invaluable resource to the Chosen family. She has an out-going, friendly attitude and never hesitates to lend her expertise and assistance to the facilities when needed. She enjoys lending a hand to those in need and more importantly, loves being in the facilities meeting and interacting with residents and staff.


July 2018 Tonya has worked with the Chosen family since the acquisition of Willow Manor in 2014. She has worked as an MDS Coordinator, DON and then promoted to a Regional Clinical Nurse. Tonya has over 20 years of experience in LTC and has been an RN since 1995. Her experience and leadership skills are invaluable assets to the Chosen Team as evidenced by the following nomination we received.

“The Willow Manor Nursing Management Team would like to formally nominate Tonya Hawkins/RDCO! Tonya works endless hours to ensure our facility (and all of her other facilities) are being managed effectively & remain in compliance. She is available to us via phone 24 hours per day/7 days per week. She encourages us to ask questions, develop plans of action/interventions that are appropriate for our facility, and provides professional and constructive guidance when needed. Willow Manor is making positive changes that are paving the way to a brighter future and the guidance & support of Tonya Hawkins our RDCO is an integral part of our success!”

Congratulations Tonya and thank you for being part of our team!


Chosen Healthcare Employee Service Awards

5 years Shannon Howard - Chosen Corporate


10 years Natasha Stadnick - Grinnell Health Care


20 years Marilyn Bacon - Grinnell Health Care


5 years Kimberly Lechner - Zearing Health Care


20 years Diana Markle - Rural Health Care


5 years Amberius Crook - Lawrence Manor


5 years Christina Hamilton - Lawrence Manor


10 years Judith Jefferson - Lawrence Manor


20 years Pamela Culp - Rural Health Care


25 years Laurie Bryant - Bloomington Nursing and Rehab


10 years Mitzi Hart - Bloomington Nursing and Rehab


5 years Nicole McClellan - Willow Manor


10 years Ruth Bahr - Willow Manor


15 years Nita Greenway - Willow Manor


5 years Lisa Dolkey - Willow Manor


20 years Kathy Brames - Willow Manor


25 years Cathy Camarillo - Willow Manor


5 years Jessica Colvin - Washington Nursing Center


10 years Linda Wilson - Washington Nursing Center


10 years Jane Anderson - Willow Manor


10 years Trudy Lyamba - Willow Manor


20 years Rose Hash - Willow Manor


5 years Patty White - Washington Nursing Center


10 years Derrick Gibson - Terre Haute Nursing and Rehab


5 years Denise Capehart - Willow Manor


5 years Norma Miles - Washington Nursing Center


10 years Rosea Rabadan - Park Place Health Care


20 years Debbie Orchard - Washington Nursing Center


30 years Penny Stone is a CNA at Linton Nursing and Rehab.  She has dedicated so much of her career and life to the facility.  Penny sets an inspirational example in her work ethic and her positive attitude.  In her spare time, Penny enjoys camping and spending time with family.


30 years Rebecca "Becky" Rose is the laundry/housekeeping supervisor at Linton Nursing and Rehab.  Becky's dedication to the facility as a whole has served as an example of team effort and hard work.  In her spare time, Becky enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family.  Becky is a giver and willing to help others however she can.


10 years Connie Gallagher began working at Linton Nursing and Rehab as a CNA.  Connie became an LPN over two years ago, and continues to work where she started out.  She is willing to assist in whatever way that she can and caring for the residents and their loved ones is her passion.  In her spare time, Connie enjoys bowling, spending time with her family - especially her nieces and nephews.  Connie resides in Jasonville, IN.


5 years Tara Shadoin is the Business Office Manager/HR Director at Linton Nursing and Rehab.  Tara resides in

Switz City and is married to Steve.  Together they have two sons....Austin and Blake.  Tara's dedication to the facility and residents is apparent in her daily interactions and work.  Tara is also a Thirty-One consultant and enjoys vendor fairs, concerts, and community events in her spare time.


5 years Miriah Wildin is an RN at Linton Nursing and Rehab. She has recently achieved her BSN and is working toward her Master's degree. Miriah is married to Dusty and together they have two sons - Ian and Zane. Miriah's natural kind-heartedness and passion for her job are an inspiration to all that know her. In her spare time, Miriah enjoys spending time with her family.