Memory Care

Memory CareWe provide a home-like environment by offering comprehensive programs designed for those with Dementia/Alzheimer's and other related memory-impaired conditions or injuries. Our goal is to keep our residents engaged in social activities specific to their individual participation abilities. Our certified staff provides personalized services that are carefully designed to meet the individual challenges of those in need of memory care. We incorporate innovative, research-based care practices that offer engaged stimulation for these special residents by involving all five senses, such as memory boxes, music therapy, and subdue colors in units to help provide a calm soothing environment. We also incorporate the meaningful history and memories of each resident into their daily routine through stimulation activities. We value each person's independence and strive to enhance their quality of life through our unique memory care programs.

According to the American Alzheimer's Association, more than 5 million Americans are living with the disease today; and that number is estimated to increase by 40% by 2025. At Chosen Healthcare, we strive to stay ahead of senior health trends by constantly innovating our clinical practices. One area that we have paid special attention to is the needs of seniors suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia, or other mental illness which require specialized and compassionate care.

Our teams coach residents in a kind and compassionate way that presents clues from a resident's previous lifestyle. Staff closely monitors and manages behavior changes, so residents can stay involved with daily activities safely each day.