Starting the Process

Our goal at Chosen Healthcare is to assist families and take out the anxiety and emotions that comes with searching for a nursing facility. We understand you have lots of questions and may be dealing with unique struggles in making your important decision. Whether you’re inquiring about a Chosen Healthcare facility or simply need someone to talk to, we’re here to help.

Contact Us
Call us at 317-947-0233 or email us at Even if you’re not ready to start the process yet, we can answer any questions you may have and help gather information.
Tell Us About You and Your Loved One
At Chosen Healthcare, we are committed to making sure your family is matched with the very best option. This is determined by learning more about the type of lifestyle needed for your family and your loved one, and making sure all health needs are met. Our communities can customize a solution for you family and ensure this journey continues in a compassionate and comfortable manner.    
Insurance Verification
Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance can be daunting and confusing to understand. Our team of insurance specialists are here to help you understand your financial options and can gather the necessary information to help you make your decision. Regardless of insurance provider or source of income, let our specialists do the work for you to make your decision less stressful.
Schedule Your Tour
Chosen Healthcare facilities are well-furnished and accommodated to support active and social lifestyles. Our medical team is constantly trained to accommodate any type of ailment, and our advanced medical equipment serve as a tool to help your loved one stay healthy and comfortable. When you’re ready, call us to schedule a tour and let us show you how our warm and supportive communities can make your family and loved one comfortable in their new home.