Huntington's Specialty Care

Our Huntington’s Disease program assists individuals and their families from all over the United States. We understand training is the key to successfully caring for the complex needs of this unique population and we continually educate our staff ensuring they are providing exceptional care. Our training begins by making sure we always have the best employees on-board to care for individuals with this disease. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to training by ensuring employees learn about the physiology of the disease and how to manage behaviors from social services. They shadow the food service department to know what to watch for during meal times and we also educate them on the frustrations some residents may deal with related to personal finances and the disease. Our resident-centered care focuses on specialized activities that include hobbies, interests, and job experiences. Our interdisciplinary team of care includes onsite physician, nurses, and therapists (occupational, physical, and speech). Our team provides a truly comprehensive plan of care for each individual based on their interests, safety, and well-being, and we embrace caring for individuals with this devastating disease through all levels of the disease process.